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Welcome to the official web site of Enid Cemetery!

Eight years ago, when I first designed the cemetery web site, I recommended a screen area setting of 800 X 600 to view it; however, nowadays people usually prefer their computer's screen area to be set to a larger area; with the last article recently designed and formatted, I have kept this in mind; going back over the previous articles, I find that they also look allright at a higher screen area setting; so please feel free to leave your screen area setting at a higher value. Most people have TFT LCD flat panel monitors now, and each manufacturer has a recommended setting for one to use for maximum sharpness; please, by all means, set your screen area to that. Remember also, that in most articles one may keep any picture one desires by making a regular left mouse click on it first to enlarge it, and then, a left click to bring up a contextual menu to select "save picture as".

The purpose of our web site is to provide community members with educational information of all kinds about our fine cemetery, to help enhance everyone's appreciation of its value as a community asset belonging to us all. In addition to historical information, our site will include illustrated articles about different features of our cemetery, and a regularly published newsletter providing information about current new works in progress, and planned new projects. Also, there will be special feature articles reporting on these projects in fuller detail from time to time. Please check with us often to see reports and news of our ongoing efforts to improve and maintain our beautiful cemetery.


Table of Contents

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Please read the current edition of our newsletter by Nancy Rahm, our cemetery's manager. Nancy has her hands full running our cemetery, and we appreciate her making time in her schedule to write the newsletter on a regular basis.


Cemetery History

A short, concise history of our fine cemetery since its founding in the nineteenth century to meet the needs of Enid's pioneer citizens.





Mausoleum Reconstruction and Restoration

A detailed photographic report on progress on the reconstruction of our beautiful mausoleum, once characterized in news accounts after its completion as "one of the finest mausoleums west of Chicago". The photographs are all represented as small "thumbnail" images, to allow the page to load quickly for your convenience. Any of the pictures may be enlarged to full screen by making a regular left mouse click on the picture. Note the size of the newly planted trees in front of the mausoleum in this picture, and then compare them to the size of the same trees in the last picture on this page.



Remembering in Stone

A short sketch about the magic of epigraphy, one of the earliest technologies invented by humankind. The author inquires into why it seemed like magic when it was first invented, and how it can still work its magic on us even nowadays when we contemplate the epigraph on a monument memorializing a departed loved one.



Stone Art

Here is a feature article with many photographs of the many beautiful monuments in our cemetery. Dave Harbour, who majored in Fine Arts at University, has spent many hours photographing our beautiful monuments and editing these photographs into an article for your interest.


Our New Mausoleum

Here are some new photographs of both the inside and the outside of our mausoleum several years after Mr. Ruth reconstructed it, literally. It has had a "makeover" that has really had an impact on its appearance, inside and out. You may click on the lower, smaller picture on each page to go to the next article/picture.

Please note, again, how much larger the trees in front of the mausoleum have grown compared to the first picture of our mausoleum at the top of the index listings on this page.




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