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Dear Friends of Enid Cemetery Association:

This letter is to inform you of our ongoing improvements on at the Enid Cemetery. We have erected a wrought iron fence at the front with a decorative gate at each entrance. Chain link fence encloses the east and west side with several gates. Two beautiful new flowerbeds have been completed with stone borders to accentuate them. Roads have been rocked but need to be redone because of the bad weather this winter. Also, deadwood has been cut out of the trees.

The most significant improvement is in full operation as I write you this letter. The mausoleum is undergoing intensive restoration. Throughout the years this beautiful marble structure had been neglected and was in dire need of being restored. The outside is being worked on now and when that is complete the inside will be restored. I will assure you that the crypts will not be disturbed in any way. The marble blocks are being taken off and the brick behind is being reinforced. The marble is then being put back into place. This will make it structurally sound. The inside needs mainly cosmetic repair.

The company responsible for completing this process is Otis Ruth construction. They hope to be completed before Christmas. They are doing exhausting work in this summer heat and are doing a beautiful job.

As with any improvement project, funds are needed. This restoration will cost $85,000. We have applied for numerous grants and have not had any accepted. This cemetery is NOT city owned! We function solely on lot sales, funeral services, burials, trust funds, and donations. Therefore, I am asking you for your help. If you would like to help us finance the restoration project, please do so in the name of the Enid Cemetery Mausoleum fund. Any amount will help us tremendously in this endeavor. (See our detailed photographic report on this project here on our site).

As soon as the restoration is complete, plans will be launched to erect a chapel for graveside services. Our logic behind this is to have a shelter for services during inclement weather. But those who wish would be able to use it at any time.

If you make a contribution, please designate on the check or in a note as to what you are contributing toward (i.e., mausoleum fund, chapel, or upkeep of cemetery).

I want to take this time to thank all of you who have expressed interest in the beautification of the Enid Cemetery. It is with your care and support that we are able to keep this a beautiful resting place for our loved ones.


Nancy Rahm,

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